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Its Dancing Time !

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Its Dancing Time !

Post by Ustasa80 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:11 pm

With today's maintenance the newest Fantasy Tennis patch was released on the western Fantasy Tennis servers! Get your most comfy pair of shoes, because it's dancing time! The new Dance Time court guarantees disco fever deluxe and the new Guardian Boss Dance King has some nice rewards to offer.

Patch Changes:

The new Dance Time court was added to be played on in several modes.

Six new Guardians can be faced when entering Dance Time court in Guardian Battle mode. Yeppeuni, Gwiyeomi, Ballari, Sangkeumi, Hwaljjagi and Saechimi are a group of cute K-POP songstresses which would just love to give you a good beating.

A new Boss Guardian was added: Dance King.
This smooth dancer is hard to come by. Defeat him and you will receive one Dance Box, which might provide you with Dance King's Wristband or Star Mic Racket among other useful items.

The lobby chat can now be filtered by languages. Simply click the check box of the languages you wish to have displayed in the chat.

Have fun!
alaplaya Team

Stay tuned next Week Thursday a Suprise will come. Cool

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Re: Its Dancing Time !

Post by RoKLee on Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:38 pm

Can an admin put this topic as a normal topic? It's an announcement post right now

I can't do it with my rights I think


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