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Fantasy Tennis Staff Team

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Fantasy Tennis Staff Team

Post by Ustasa80 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:06 pm

Hello dear community,

here I will post a list, which contents the Staff List for Fantasy Tennis.
If you have any questions about Fantasy Tennis, you can contact the below mentioned Moderators, Ticket Agents or Master Ticket Agents or alternatively the Gamemasters(TAs) or Master GameMasters(MTAs).

You will recognize us on the following points:

GM Logo: All Gamemasters/Staff Members have a GM Logo instead of the Hero Symbol.
Also we have a Gamemaster Set.
We write with a yellow text.
Gamemasters cannot be find in rankings.

A Moderator or Gamemaster will never ask you for your Login ID or your password !

Main Staff

Community Manager - Desmonemo
Head Of Support - annaSupport
Project Coordinator - Draxx
Marketing Coordinator - Tata

Ingame Staff for Fantasy Tennis

GabbaMod - DE , EN
ShortyMod / xXsh0rtyXx - DE , EN
thefootMod / BlackCosmos - DE , EN
hyaena - IT

Master Ticket Agents (MTAs) [ DE , EN ]

GabbaGandalf (Tech)
xXsh0rtyXx (QA)

Ticket Agents (TAs) [ DE , EN ]


Best Regards

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